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 Though State Government is responsible for the security of passengers and their belongings, R.P.F. endeavors to help the passengers to the best of its ability.

R.P.F. Assistance Booths are functioning at Jaipur, Ajmer, Bikaner, and Jodhpur where printed forms of FIR are available.  Assistance Booths also provide information about local buses, taxi/Auto Fares, Bus Routes, Hospitals, Train Timings etc. First Aid Boxes, Wheel Chairs are also available for use by needy passengers, free of any charge. Printed forms of the First Information Report have also been provided to the train guards and travelling ticket examiners.

We request the Passengers to observe following precautions during their journey

a.Do not accept eatables from unknown persons and unauthorized vendors. These may contain stupefying drugs.

b.Do not touch/lift un-claimed articles like toys, brief case, purse, tiffin box, gift packets etc. It may be an explosive. Inform GRP/RPF/Railwaymen on duty whenever you notice any suspicious item or person.

c.Iron Chains have been provided beneath the lower berths. Fasten your belongings and lock them.

d.Be alert at the boarding station.  Your belongings may attract criminals while you are busy in other activities.

Following acts are offence under the Railways Act, 1989 and offenders are liable to punishment;

  • Traveling without ticket or proper ticket (traveling on a ticket having someone else�s name).
  • Pulling Alarm Chain without genuine reason.
  • Consuming liquor or smoking in train/on platforms.
  • Traveling on roof, foot board or any other improper traveling.
  • Carrying inflammable, dangerous or offensive goods.
  • Entering into platform area without ticket or platform ticket.
  • Male Passengers traveling in a compartment reserved for female.
  • Traveling in Brake Van/Guard�s Lobby.
  • Unauthorized hawking.
  • Begging.
  • Obstructing any Railway Servant from discharging his duties.
  • Putting any obstruction in the movement of train.
  • Damage or destruction to Railway Property.
  • Creating nuisance in trains and in Railway premises.

Source : North Western Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-06-2011