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Procedure for registration

In view of order recently circulated by Railway Board for firms interested in supplying medicines, surgical items, Lab. Items,X-ray films etc. �

1. Firms are requested to submit documents as per the requirement in the application form.

2. Even in case of firm registered earlier, fresh registration is to be done as per new guidelines.

3. Incomplete application is likely to be rejected.

General Guidelines

1.Firms should have at least 5 years of standing in manufacturing & marketing except for new molecule or newly imported medicines.

2.Registration fee of Rs.5000 (for 3 years) to be paid after selection for registration.

3.Average turnover of the firm for previous three years should be Rs.50 Crores & above. However it can be Rs.20 Crores if the vendors are two (2) or less for each category of medicine.

Firms will be registered on following basis �

a.50 Crores up to 150 Crores � maximum up to 25 products.

b.151 Crores up to 500 Crores � maximum up to 50 products.

c.501 Crores up to 1000 Crores � maximum up to 75 products.

d.More than 1000 Crores � All products.

4. Packaging offered should be as per product requirement such as to withstand rough handling, transportation & exposure to varied climatic condition.

5.  The application form filed in all respect & with all documents attached should be sent to Chief Medical Directors Office, North Western Railway HQ Office, Hasanpura Road, Jaipur 302006


Persons who want to register their firm for supply of medicines, surgical items, Lab. Items, X-ray films etc. can do so up to 31st of May 09. They should submit their duly filled application along with the documents required to the address given above

Source : North Western Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-06-2011