ࡱ> 352 bjbjww .  ////$S/-oooooJJJ% @JJJJJooJ.ooJ:,do[ /x. 0-R!!d!dXJJJJJJJBJJJ-JJJJ!JJJJJJJJJ : @92.0 INTRODUCTION- The Divisional Hospital of Jodhpur was inaugurated on 15.4.1956. The hospital is equipped with 117 beds which includes an ICU of 5 beds and Operation Theatre Complex with two major OTs and one minor OT. The hospital is also fully equipped with facilities for Minimal Invasive Surgery (Endoscopic surgery), TMT. There is also tie up for special investigations like CT, MRI and other lab investigations with private labs. It has got good liaison with local Medical College and its associated hospitals for treatment of complicated cases. Goyal Hospital & Research Centre has been recognized for treating Cardiac patients. AIMS & OBJECTIVES- Medical Department of Jodhpur Division provides Comprehensive Health Care to the staff and their families as well as to the Retired Railway employees settled in this division at different places covered under RELHS Scheme. This includes attending railway accident and other untoward incidences, provide emergency medical treatment to traveling sick passengers. Besides this activities health department also undertaken measures for safe food and water supply at railway stations. ORGANISATION- Medical services of Jodhpur Division consists of 117 bedded Divisional Hospital at Jodhpur assisted by eight health Units, out of which three are situated in Jodhpur City itself. ADDRESS OF RAILWAY HOSPITAL AT JODHPUR- Divisional Hospital, JDA Circle, Ratanada, Jodhpur REGULAR SPECALISTS IN DIVISONAL RAILWAY HOSPTIAL - Railway Doctors are available in the following specialties: Anesthesia Gynecology Gen. Surgery E.N.T. CONTRACT DOCTORS- Eleven doctors have been working as contract doctors. Contract doctors are available in the following specialties: Ophthalmology ENT General Surgery HONORARY CONSULTANTS/HONORARY VISITING SPECIALIST- Out of 4 sanctioned visiting specialists, at present there is only 01 HVS available in Orthopaedic. HOUSE SURGEONS- We have the sanction of 04 posts of House Surgeons, at present one House Surgeon is in Surgery & two are in Medicine Dept. ROUND THE CLOCK CASUALTY SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE. HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE- There is a separate full fledged health & family welfare Deptt with one doctor and 02 Para-medical staff in FW and 07 HIs and 130 safaiwalas in Health Wing. Activities include testing of food samples, water samples, Colony cleaning immunization and family welfare activities. 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