1.††††† Registration of contractors/ suppliers/ vendors for expenditure Contracts for   which registered/approved list is maintained. Nil --

2.††††† Registration of contractors for earning contracts for which registered/Approval list is maintained. Nil -

3.††††† Registration of firms Trade group wise and category wise in respect of Procurement to be done by Stores Department. Nil --

4.††††† Registration of firms/Hospitals for medical supplies/Health care. Nil --

5.††††† Renewal of registration/re-registration in respect of items 1, 2, 3 & 4 above. Nil

6.††††† Approval of vendors by RDSO (both as Part I or Part II source) along With Directorate Operating Procedure (DOP) and Schedule of Technical Requirement (STR). Similar action should be taken by CORE, DLW, CLW, ICF, RCF for approving sources for the items Allotted to them.

7. †††† Renewal of approval of vendors by RDSO (both Part I & Part II Sources) by RDSO, CORE, DLW, CLW, ICF & RCF.

8. †††† Up gradation of a vendor from Part II list to Part I list.

9.††††† Licenses of RTSA & CBA. NA

10.††† PCO booth licenses. NA

11.††† Commercial plots. NA

12.††† Stacking permission. NA

13.††† Leasing for Food Plazas. NA

14.††† Pay and use toilet licenses. NA

15.††† Parcel handling & transshipment licenses. NA

16.††† Registration of indents and allotment of rakes. NA

17.††† Tourist car, coach and train booking. NA

18.††† Application forms for claims compensation. NA

19.††† Application forms for Refund of freight & fare. NA

20.††† Waival of Demurrage and wharfage. NA

21.††† Appointments as consultant Doctors on contract & its renewal. NA

22.††† Appointments against Cultural quota, Sports quota, Handicap quota And Scouts & Guides quota. Vacancies/examination dates for these should also be on the Website. NA

23.††† Cases requiring appointments on compassionate grounds. NA

24.††† Status of all bill payments to contractors/ suppliers etc. NA

25. †† Recruitment by Railway Recruitment Boards and RPF/RPSF. NA

a.†††††††† Employment notices indicating vacancy position, category, State (in case of RPF/RPSF only), community wise, eligibility Criteria etc.

b.†††††††† Clear position of receipt of applications with necessary Information.

c.†††††††† Details of rejection of applications.

d.†††††††† Details of issue of call letters.

e.†††††††† Date, time and venues of examinations.

f.††††††††† Publication of results and panels.

g.†††††††† Information regarding withholding of result or cancellation of Examination.

26.   †† Details of Tenders/Works Contracts of value > Rs.1Crore in respect of Engineering/Mechanical/Electrical/S&T & Medical departments, Rs.50 lakhs for Commercial department and all purchases of value > Rs.20 lakhs done through Stores Contracts. Additional details actual date of start of work/actual date of completion/reasons for delays, if any.

(Work Contract more than Rs. 1 Crore in S&T Department as on Febí2016)


Name of Work and Location

Estt. Cost

Tendered Cost

% Above/ Below tendered cost (accepted cost)

AgreementNo. and Date


Date of Start

Date of Completion

Physical Progress

Name of Exe.I/C with address



Ajmer Division- Provision of Perimeter & Bonding Ring earth, Equi-potential Earthing including Surge & lightening protection for power supply system as per RDSO drawing at 55 EI / PI / RRI stations of Ajmer division on N. W. Railway.

Rs. 33297025.00

Rs. 12780800.00

15.30% Below

Dtd. 14.10.2014

M/s Aditya Enterprises ,
H1-8,IT Park Road No. 4 , Kota-324005








Contract Agreementon dtd 14.10.2014 Work is in progress


Ajmer Division- Provision of Passenger Information Amenities items and PA system on PF no 2 at Rani, Sirohi Road, Falna & provision of multi line display board at Udaipur city, Ranapratap Nagar & Bhilwara and replacement of non RDSO approved PA items on PF No.1 at RANI & FA

Rs. 18499521.32

Rs. 116257173.39




1.99% Below


Dtd. 14.10.2015


M/s Partronics,13/10, Anamika Apartment, Erandwana, Pune-411004











LOA issued on 07.09.2015 Contract Agreement on dtd. 14.10.2015


27.  †††† Monthly summary of all Works contracts/purchases as per sl. 26.

28.†††††† All Types of Licenses, permissions, clearances. NA

29.†††††† All applications forms/proformas should be available on website in downloadable form. After receipt of application forms, the deficiencies found about documents/information submitted. NA

30.†††††† Status of individual applications/matters should be made available. NA